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"sucks to suck" - bayani 2k14



"Oh man guys, I know what you’re thinking. I’m so bad, I just lost to a guy with no armor! Okay, here’s what happen. Everyone was laughing, it was late, I was caught off guard. Usually I’m good at this game, being the person with the most Hunger Games on YouTube. You’d say I’m pretty good at this game right?, no? Well, I promise something like that will never happen again. And if does, well then I just-" (x)

someone giffed this yassss

Anonymous: How do you know H cried?

At the end of the video where he meets Graser, he wiped something from his eye. So I kind of assumed he cried. But I could be wrong

Anonymous: Did H cry when he met Graser?

He did :’)

Anonymous: Do you know why Will (shep689) wasn't allowed to join the Cube? He seems like such a big sweetheart and he's even in UHC and stuff. I wish he joined. ;_;

I don’t really know why D:


You can’t say that this isn’t adorable

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The first Kiani hug (x)




The first Kiani hug (x)



Cube PAX Meetup Montage 

(it’s unlisted because the song might be copyrighted but you’re free to share it ~)

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Anonymous: What's your opinion on Kricken?

I have absolutely nothing against Kricken. I think she seems friendly actually :) I know she’s had past conflicts with a few of the Cube members but they seem okay now. I’m not subscribed to her though haha

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This seemed a lot funnier in my head.

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