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"sucks to suck" - bayani 2k14


You can’t say that this isn’t adorable

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The first Kiani hug (x)




The first Kiani hug (x)



Cube PAX Meetup Montage 

(it’s unlisted because the song might be copyrighted but you’re free to share it ~)

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Anonymous: What's your opinion on Kricken?

I have absolutely nothing against Kricken. I think she seems friendly actually :) I know she’s had past conflicts with a few of the Cube members but they seem okay now. I’m not subscribed to her though haha

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This seemed a lot funnier in my head.

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Anonymous: While it doesn't matter whether or not Stacy is a lesbian, it shouldn't seem ridiculous to anyone if she is. The point of this blog is to love on the Cube members, and if Stacy is gay we should love her even more for it because that's not always an easy thing to deal with. More than anything though, we need to realize that this is a judgement free zone where a lady (or gentleman's) sexuality doesn't matter at all to how much we love them :3 *this has been a PSA*



This photo is everything I don’t care what you say

<3 <3 <3

But guys…

Does it matter?

Anonymous: No one knows how old graser is.. My friend at the meetup asked him and he said "sorry it's undetermined" so if people said they asked him and he said an age he didn't he won't tell anyone yet.

Yeah, we don’t know his exact age but we know where it ranges.